Sarilia’s new “garden park”

This summer, we added a mini playground next to our community garden. Its creation was a group effort by Sarilia residents and our  families. I am very grateful to see so many people come together and offer their time and talent to improve our community.

In the past, the kids at Sarilia had to go to Langham if they wanted to visit a playground. Now, they can visit one just steps from home. Its proximity to the community garden means that parents can garden while their children play nearby.  And it turns out the kids aren’t calling it a playground—they ask their parents: “Can we go to the garden park?”

Whenever I go to do some gardening, I check out the playground and love seeing all the tiny footprints in the sand.  It makes me super happy that we’ve built something together as a community that puts smiles on our kids’ faces.  It was time well spent and thank you again to everyone who helped out.

— Gwen

Sarilia playground

Construction day

Sarilia playground


Swing set installation

Sarilia playground

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Playground & sandbox