Open Houses & Lot Tours on the North Saskatchewan

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in the river valley? On Saturday, August 24, you’ll get a chance to see for yourself. We’ll be hosting lot tours and four open houses between 1-3pm. Take in the stunning river vistas and breathe in the fresh air —this is your chance to experience the beauty of Sarilia in the summer.

With our river valley lots on sale  (prices have been reduced by $10,000/lot) there’s never been a better time to build your dream home at Sarilia. And if you’d prefer a move-in-ready home, there are four open houses to visit—each with their own unique features and vantage points. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the current homeowners and ask questions about their homes and the relaxed Sarilia lifestyle.

We chatted with two homeowners (whose homes are featured in the upcoming open houses) to ask them why they’re selling, what they’ve loved about life at Sarilia, and what kind of person would appreciate their home.

Why have you decided to sell your home?

Rosemary: I’m selling to relocate closer to family.

Kathleen: I am selling to move to my home town.

What are some of your favourite aspects of living at Sarilia?

Rosemary: The wholesome people. I love the quiet lifestyle. The nearby services (in Langham) are plentiful—I love the Chinese restaurant, coffee shop sandwiches and ice cream, and the convenience of the credit union, grocery store and gas station. Being surrounded by nature is my favorite.

Kathleen: I love the rural lifestyle at Sarilia and I love that my home sits directly across from permanent green space. Coming home feels like going to the lake. Any stress you have left over from being in the city just melts away. The air is fresher, the stars are brighter, we get to see the northern lights dance and flit across the sky, and the meteor showers are out of this world.

Everyone here is so friendly. It’s nice to live in a place where you know your neighbours and everyone looks out for each other.

What are some of your favourite activities to do at Sarilia?

Rosemary: In the summer, I love sitting in the hot tub and sitting out on the deck. I like walking the trails and visiting the neighbours on the beach with the birds and the geese in the background.

Winter is my favourite season. I love just getting out and walking—enjoying the paths in the wintertime. I don’t have a dog myself, but my son brings his dog quite often and I enjoy taking her out for a walk and just being outdoors.

Kathleen: Summer and winter, I love to walk along the miles of trails that meander through the trees. The trails even go down to the river. It’s great to be able to get together with neighbours and friends to have a hot or cold drink and a chat.

I loved gardening in the community garden. When I was there alone, the nature sounds and song birds were wonderful to listen to. When other gardeners were there at the same time I was, it was a great time to listen to some tunes, work a bit and then meet in the centre lounge area for a refreshing drink and a chat before we continued with our gardening.

What kind of person would your home appeal to?

Rosemary: My house would appeal to a variety of people. It’s child-friendly so it’s ideal for a young family, but it would also appeal to other lifestyles and life stages. There are several features that a potential owner would enjoy, such as the enclosed decks. The upstairs guest bedroom has river view and its own four-piece bath and a walk-in closet, and there are extra washrooms beside each of the guest bedrooms on the main floor and lower levels so it’s great for having company. People who meander through this home love the finished basement and entertainment nook, and the electrified hot tub pad nestled in the trees is a favorite.

Kathleen: My house would be a great fit for a retired couple, a family, or even a single person. The yard is low maintenance with only a small area of grass to cut as most of the yard is gravel, which means there’s also lots of off street parking. The plants that surround the yard consist of wild fruit bushes such as Saskatoon berries, chokecherries and raspberries, as well as wild roses and other native trees and shrubs. Both decks are large with no stairs to the ground level, which is perfect for children and pets. Both decks have electrical outlets. The 20’ x 20’ deck has two natural gas hookups, great for the BBQ and a patio heater or gas fireplace. There’s a 10’ x 12’ pergola with a sun shade and a 4’x6’ glass insert in the deck floor from which you can watch the critters below. I’ve seen rabbits, squirrels and even deer.

Sarilia Open House locations:
410 Saskatchewan Road *
416 Saskatchewan Road *
104 Saskatchewan Heights** (click for MLS listing)
356 Laurier Crescent** (click for MLS listing)

*For questions about these two open houses, call Kathleen at: (306) 220-1850
**For questions about these open houses and lot tours, call Vaughn Krywicki at: (306) 381-9161

Both Kathleen and Rosemary’s homes have been reduced in price. For more details, including features and pricing, check out the attached feature sheets.

410 Saskatchewan Road – Feature Sheet
416 Saskatchewan Road – Feature Sheet
416 Saskatchewan Road – Features and Upgrades

See you on Saturday, August 24!