Meet the Neighbours – Part Three

What better way to kick off a new year than to introduce two of our newest soon-to-be neighbours – Zee and Sofia. Although their house isn’t built yet, we can’t wait to welcome them to our river valley community. Friendly, energetic and outdoorsy, this lovely couple will fit right in here at Sarilia.

Sarilia owners

What was it that made you decide to start looking for a new place to live?
We’ve never owned our own place (we were renting as we were students). We recently finished school and decided to stay in Saskatchewan. What better way to appreciate the natural beauty of Saskatchewan than in the river valley.

Where are you both from originally?
Zee is originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sofia is from San Salvador, El Salvador.

How did you hear about Sarilia?
We have family living in Battleford so we tend to drive out there quite often taking Highway 16. One day, while driving down the highway, Sofia spotted the advertisement in front of Langham and decided to look it up online. Once she visited the website and explored a bit, it caught her attention. A few weeks later we decided to visit the area.

What was it about Sarilia that made you decide to buy a lot and build your home here?
As soon as we began going down the hill to Sarilia, we felt a sense of calmness, peace and serenity. We were warmly invited by Gwen and Ronn to visit their home and talk about the type of community Sarilia is. The community is surrounded by very likeminded people. Anyone who loves the outdoors would easily be attracted to the natural beauty of Sarilia.

Who are you building with/or buying an RTM (ready-to-move) from?
We will be building a NetZero RTM. We haven’t decided from what company yet but we really like the way Zak’s homes look. They do a very good job of creating a modern home with a lodge look and feel.

What are you most looking forward to about living in the river valley?
We are really looking forward to being able to come home and walk the dogs down the valley trail and to the river. It is a very relaxing/therapeutic walk. We’re looking forward to being able to do many outdoor activities like canoeing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing and camping right around the community.

Tell us something about yourselves…
My real first name is Zlatan but everyone knows me as Zee. I am a former U of S Huskie and Medicine Hat basketball player. I am a physical education teacher and Sofia will be an elementary school teacher. Sofia and I immigrated to Canada in the 90s with our families. We are getting married this summer. Sofia has always been in outdoor clubs and loves spending time outside.


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