112 Saskatchewan Heights

Block 6, Lot 27 | $55,000

A family cottage or home with excellent river valley views

Located just 6 kilometres off a double-lane highway and an easy commute to Saskatoon, Block 6, Lot 27  offers a panoramic view of the river valley and makes it a perfect getaway cottage or permanent country home.

Property characteristics

  • Frontage: 20 m
  • Area: 950 m
  • Located on Saskatchewan Heights
  • River ridge
  • Potential for walkout
  • Serviced lot including: natural gas, power, high speed Internet and telephone land lines

View this property in person

You'll want to see Block 6, Lot 27 for yourself, please contact us to arrange for an appointment.

You may find Google Maps useful for planning your travels to Sarilia, and you may also want to download a property map for your reference when you arrive.