Dogs of Sarilia

We have our fair share of four-legged friends here at Sarilia. In fact, many of our residents say that the dog-friendly nature of the river valley is one of the reasons they chose to move here. Whether it’s a walk along the beautiful trails, a stroll on the beach in summer, or playing fetch amongst our wide open green spaces, there are plenty of fun activities for dogs and humans alike in our community. Here are just a few of the adorable pups who call Sarilia home.

Names: Tucker and Peachesbeagles5
Ages: 13 years old
Owners: Amber & Matt (Responses from Amber)

How long have you had Tucker and Peaches?

We’ve had them since they were puppies. We adopted them from the U of S College of Veterinary Medicine.

What are some of their likes and dislikes?

They like food, sleep, and getting into trouble. When they were younger they use to live to escape the backyard and run all over the neighbourhood, but now they’re a bit old for those types of adventures. They both hate the water and getting their nails trimmed.

beagles1Do you have any funny stories about them?

When they were younger they got out of our backyard in Saskatoon early one morning, so I called my mom to come and help me search for them. On her way over, she called me from her cell and told me she knew where they were. People were calling in to the radio station to report two little beagles running around the intersection at Avenue H and 22nd! Thankfully they were safe and I went and got them. When I got to work I was trying to explain to my boss why I was late and it turned out she had heard the calls to the radio as well and assumed it was them because they had been escaping so often.

beagles4What activities you do with your dogs?

Runs on the beach, walks on the trails, socializing with other Sarilia dogs, etcetera. Unfortunately, the beagles don’t have as much pep in their step as they used to, so we usually don’t stray too far from home. They do love short walks though and every so often we’ll take them down to the river trails. They are 100% calmer since we moved out to Sarilia from the city. They used to be very anxious would constantly bark and howl at every noise, now they hardly make a peep. They love the quiet and serenity!

Names: Mr. Brooks and Halle
Owners: Georgie & Jared (response from Georgie)

image1Tell us about your dogs.

Mr. Brooks is a brindle English bulldog. He is now 7 years old and taking up sleeping as a full-time job. He loves taking in the views from our deck and sleeping all over the house! He is very social and not shy about being overweight. He likes to cuddle right up to you—all 70 lbs of him! 😳

image5image4image7Halle is our 11-month-old hanging tree cowdog. She is conveniently name Halle because we adopted her on Halloween. She is a bundle of puppy energy and loves our home and everything it has to offer. She is an avid hiker on the trails and also loves the pasture when we go out to the horses. She is very eager to please and gets very down on herself when she messes up. She loves her buddy Mr. Brooks, but when he is sleeping she plays with our cat Lump.

IMG_3502Names: Teebo (9-year old shih tzu lhasa apso)  & Tuskie (9-year-old pug)
Owners: Linda & Mel (response from Linda)

IMG_3143Tell us about your dogs.

Teebo and Tuskie love walks and relaxing with us. They are our babies and they are both spoiled way too much! They enjoy going to the beach and playing in the water. Teebo just puts her paws in, but Tuskie walks right in up to his belly.

Teebo added her own perspective:

“I like squirrels and have been trying to make friends with the ones in our yard for the four years we’ve lived here, but they are still scared of me. My best pal Tuskie is the same age as me but way bigger. He’s a pug and mommy and daddy got him when he was 14 weeks old—just a few weeks after they got me—so we’ve grown up together and are besties.”